benefits-of-a-new-boilerDid you know that heating can be responsible for around 55% of your home bills? As UK homeowners try to save money where they can, an energy efficient boiler will certainly reduce your home running costs in the long run.

Investing in a new boiler represents a number of key benefits when it comes to improving the energy efficiency around your home and reducing energy bills. Here are three benefits to buying a new boiler.

Energy Efficient Boiler

Almost all new boilers have an A-rating for energy efficiency, making them at least 90% efficient or more. Older boilers typically are around 70% efficient. Depending on your current gas bill, you could look to save around £250 per year with a brand new boiler.

You should always arrange to have a boiler engineer to visit your property first. They’ll be able to conduct boiler maintenance and service before recommending if a new boiler is needed in your property. More information.

More Control over Heating

New boilers are generally compatible with thermostats that give you far greater control than ordinary ones. In fact, some can even be controlled via wifi on your phone.

There is a range of innovative thermostats that have been launched for 2019. These smart thermostats give you greater control when it comes to the levels of heat being used in your property.

Smaller in size, Quieter when in use

Leading boiler companies are continually designing boilers to be more compact for the modern home. Despite reducing boiler sizes, they continue to outperform older, larger counterparts considerably.

Furthermore, these compact boilers are designed to produce as little noise as possible, to the point where you might forget you’ve got a functioning boiler inside a kitchen cupboard!