Partnership opportunities with UK Property Buyers

At UK Property Buyers we see our role in property selling as being entirely complementary to the conventional role of the estate agent. For the foreseeable future the vast majority of people will continue to sell houses conventionally through estate agents, taking time to find the right buyer and obtaining best value.

However there are a growing number of people for whom the time taken and ongoing uncertainty is unacceptable and they are prepared to give up some of the value they have built up in their property in exchange for the speed and certainty we offer.

For such people the first port of call remains the estate agent. We know that a small, but growing, number of new instructions taken by estate agents would consider our services. We want you, the estate agent, to know that where you judge it appropriate and in the customers best interest, you can introduce them to us and we will look after them to the high standards outlined elsewhere on this website.

Arrangements for the introduction can be made to work in the customer’s best interest whilst also fulfilling your own profit requirements in the following way:

  1. You are finding an immediate chain free buyer for your customer, a buyer who will not back out.
  2. Because we will pay you an introduction fee you should find it possible to waive the normal estate agency fees, providing your services to your customer absolutely free of charge.
  3. Because we re-market all property purchased, we guarantee to provide you with the opportunity to market the property on our behalf at your full standard rates.