UK Property Buyers seek to buy residential property throughout the UK and as such may be able to offer facilities to those companies that help to build them. Click here to see our process of buying and selling.

This helps homebuyers into their new properties. Areas where UK Property Buyers may be able to assist include:

  1. Part Exchange schemes – If you have stocks of property taken in part exchange against new homes then UKPB may be able to make offers for some or all of that stock.
  2. Sale assistance schemes – You may wish to offer guaranteed purchase facilities to homebuyers with properties to sell.
  3. Sale assistance underwriting schemes – You may wish to have in place purchase underwriting on particular properties which you are undertaking to sell on behalf of homebuyers.

UK Property Buyers have a flexible and creative approach to arrangements with builders and we would be very keen to discuss new relationships with others throughout the UK property market.

Please feel free to contact Josie Keen on 07516 391 429.

Companies That We Recommend:


ACCL consults, designs, implements and supports the cabling infrastructure. ACCL is privately owned with nearly 30 years of experience. With offices in London and Kent, their customers are at the heart of there business and they are well known for the customer service. Whether you are a large corporate organisation or smaller SME, their cabling services proposal will be designed with your current and future needs in mind, bringing high-quality solutions that are excellent value. Read More.

EOS Rooflights:

EOS is specialists at supplying roof lights for flat roofs, which is why we work with them when building our latest properties.

They provide us with high quality flat roof lights, meaning we can construct our latest additions so they are modern, as well as being eco friendly and full of natural light.

They understand the importance of long-lasting relationships with reputable UK companies. This explains why they have trade schemes for those within the same industry. To discover their trade scheme and more about the products that they offer, click here.

Construction Marketing:

Construction Marketing are leader within the construction industry, therefore this is why we work alongside them with discounted prices so they can install vital facilities within the homes we survey as well as build in the South of England. Find out more.

They also offer an eco service, where they are focused on designing facilities for buildings that are sustainable and can last through to the future.

London Surveyors:

They offer surveying services for both commercial and domestic properties. This includes things such as:

  • Mortgage valuation
  • Private valuation
  • Expert witness report
  • Homebuyer report

We recommend LS as they are able to survey properties all over London, without any hassle at all. Click to read more.