We aim to agree with you, within seven working days, a price at which we will buy your home. The following steps show you how we do this and what you can expect from us at each step. As part of our Trust through Transparency charter will keep you informed throughout and copy all correspondence to you.

Step 1. – The Guideline Offer

A guideline offer is simply an initial offer to buy your property based upon your own estimate of the property value. This offer fixes the percentage we are prepared to offer and shows what that would mean if your estimate of the value proves to be accurate. The guideline offer is provided entirely without cost to you or obligation on your behalf.

To obtain a guideline offer, simply telephone our enquiry line (normal office hours) on 07516 391 429 and provide brief details of your property.

We guarantee to provide a guideline offer within one working day. If you provide an e mail address then our offer will be even quicker.

Before purchasing a property, look for similar properties that you are interested in and compare the price. Search for these at different agencies as the price may differ. Contact the agencies for extra information on what you may need. We advise you to contact Barr and Standley who are specialists and have great reviews. You can contact them on (08)9721144.

Step 2.

You consider our offer and let us know what you think of it. You can take up to 14 days to decide and we will not rush you throughout the process. Some people decide right away, others take the full two weeks, as soon as you have decided just let us know.

If you don’t want to accept our offer then again, please let us know.

Step 3.

To take matters further you should contact us to initiate a valuation of your property. We will appoint a surveyor who will contact you within a day or two and will arrange a date with you when it is convenient to carry out an inspection of the property. We will also instigate research into local market conditions, land registry records and will canvass opinion from other local professionals including estate agents.

We want to arrive at a true open market value, a value which is fair both to us and to you and for this reason we will appoint a qualified surveyor who is local to the property and is fully aware of local market conditions, he will be a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Learn more about valuations.

We will pay all valuation costs, we do not expect you to make any contribution nor do we make any other charges for our service

Step 4.

Once the value has been assessed we compare it to the valuation estimate you provided at step 1.  If you have provided us with an accurate estimate then the offer made will stand and will be immediately confirmed to you. Sometimes the valuation comes back at a lower figure than estimated at step 1. In these circumstances we have to revise the offer made in line with the actual valuation.

However we will not reduce the percentage figure we have offered, this will remain the same. Conversely, if the valuation is higher than your estimate then we will still stick to our original percentage offer and will accordingly pay more than the guideline offer. We call this our firm offer and it is subject only to your acceptance and ratification by our purchase committee

Step 5.

You accept our firm offer and we put the property to our purchase committee. They make the final decision on our purchase at the figure agreed and we aim to confirm ratification to you within 48 hours.

Step 6.

You accept our ratified offer and we start the legal process. From this stage on our purchase is just the same as a purchase by a private individual except that you know that there is no chain and that we will not back out.


Your sale to us is guaranteed (There are very occasional exceptions to this, please see the page entitled The Small Print). Each party instructs solicitors in the normal way and we look to exchange contracts as soon as possible so that the deal becomes legally binding.

We then allow you to choose a completion date to suit your own arrangements, whether that be immediate to release cash to you right away, or delayed to a date to suit your house moving plans.

You can start the process for a quick house sale right away, without cost and without obligation by telephoning us on 07516 391 429.