Tips to renovating your home after a fire, flood or leak

Fire damage, flood damage or leaks at your home or commercial property can cause serious disruption and distress, so it’s vital you know what you’re doing to repair the problem as quickly and effectively as possible.

Here’s our guide to getting things back to normal after a fire, flood or leak:

What to do first

Once the emergency services have made the situation safe, they will advise you on the immediate action to take. It may seem overwhelming, but it’s vital that you contact your insurers as a first priority if your policy covers you for such claims.

They may arrange for an assessor or loss adjuster to visit your property, but do not wait for this before acting to minimise the damage.

Renovation and restoration work

Whether your property had been damaged by fire, flood or leak, it is likely that restoration and refurbishment work will be required.

Structural Damage

It is vital that your property is checked for any structural damage and that this is addressed immediately as both fire and water damage can cause serious damage to the integrity of a building; please make this your first priority.

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Once you know whether structural repair is required you will be able to plan the general refurbishments to the rest of the home.  Some people use this as an opportunity to make changes while the work is being completed, including the fitting of increased flood protection; speak to your builder about the options and check whether this will affect any insurance claim.

How to find out if your property has structural problems

Presence of Asbestos

Another thing to look out for is any damage to materials that contain asbestos as this can be harmful when releasing dust or fibres into the atmosphere. If you suspect there is asbestos present in your home, you should contact a specialist as soon as possible.

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Hiring the Right Contractors

Whatever the level of damage, it is likely that you will need to involve a range of trades (plumbing, electrical work, decorating, woodwork) so it may be preferable to reduce the stress by working with a single contractor who can provide all these services.  Click here to see building repairs.

The key thing is to find a contractor you know you can trust, and who understand the stress you have been under, so you get your home or business back to normal as quickly and simply as possible.