Over a third of households in the UK are rented, and rental costs can be mighty as now rent costs are at an all time high with the average amount being £850PCM, and in London a whopping £1,270PCM.

Due to these shocking statistics, we have generated over 30 tips to help the process easier, cheaper and safer. This includes information about deposits and credit scores.

1.     Cover your contents on the very first day

As soon as you move in, we strongly advise to buy an insurance policy that covers your contents. Your landlord is responsible for your building insurance, but this won’t cover your furniture or possessions.  Find out more.

We suggest using various comparison sites to find an insurance policy that suits your needs best and is at a price that is affordable. A comparison site will have a list of insurers, their policy and pricing all in one go.

2.     Find out if your deposit is protected

Just under half of property renters in the UK don’t know about the Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme – it is vital to check with your landlord if your deposit is protected.

According to the law, if you’re under a shorthold tenancy, your landlord must put your deposit into a scheme within 30 days of receiving the money. If you have found out that your landlord has failed to do this, you can take this case to small claims court to receive up to four times the amount.  See more information.

Improve your credit score with rent payments

3.     Boost your credit score by paying rent on time

There is a new scheme available which will help private renters to boost their credit rating by paying their rent on the due date. Check out the scheme. This scheme will record your rental payments and will send the credit reference to Experian.

4.     Choosing the right letting agency

Looking to rent a property? Finding a letting agency perfect for you is slightly harder than anticipated. But, finding an agency that is suitable for you can be told through their communication skills. Call 01202 296400 to book an appointment.

Good communication with an agency will tell you how dedicated they are at giving you a service better than anywhere else. Your agent should get back to you promptly whenever you have contacted them. View available properties in Bournemouth.