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Cleaning the house is not just a ritual, but also a hard work process. But after finishing it, the entire home becomes more comfortable and brighter, and the whole family feels better.

How can you do the home cleaning efficiently and properly?

Here are our special rules for house cleaning:

  1. Do not use too much different harsh cleaning products. The less you use them, the cleaner the indoor air will stay.
  2. When you clean the windows, open them widely, but keep the door of the room closed to prevent the moving air making you sick.
  3. Buy protective gloves before a big cleaning of your home. First, grease your hands with hand cream and then put the rubber gloves on.
  4. Cleaning is done better when there are no children around, because the child’s immune system responds quickly to some of the substances in the cleaning products.
  5. Do not use antibacterial agents, because they have a high level of toxicity.
  6. Never mix products containing bleach, vinegar or other acids.
  7. Home cleaning is always better when done using natural cleaning agents.
  8. If you live in the city, do not use products that contain citrus and pine oil, as these substances are interacting with the ozone and emit toxic carcinogenic formaldehyde. Replace air fresheners with baking soda, which perfectly eliminates any odors.
  9. Dishwashing detergent should be replaced with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. The same mixture can be used for cleaning the drain.
  10. Moisten the sponges and cloths with water and place them for about two minutes in the microwave to disinfect them before you use them. Conduct this procedure for your toothbrushes, too.
  11. When you wash the dishes, immediately wipe them dry. This will preventing the growth of harmful bacteria.
  12. Bathroom and sinks should also be wiped dry after usage, because moisture often causes mould.
  13. When you defrost the refrigerator, use baking soda to clean it. To eliminate the bad smell in the fridge, it is enough to put in a lemon sliced in half and let it stay.
  14. Floors should be washed with vinegar. 4 litres of water require a tea cup of vinegar to effectuate the desired shiny results.
  15. After each hovering, clean the bag of the vacuum cleaner.
  16. When throwing out waste, we recommend hiring a waste clearance service as they can safely dispose of the rubbish. This is often cheaper than skip hire.